Prestige Car Detailing Melbourne

To achieve our prestige detailing, we:

  1. Wash and decontaminate car , door jambs , wheels , engine , under the guards.
  2. Car is dried using an air blower which generates warm filtered air so no more scratches are introduced during the drying stage  !
  3. Measure paint film build with an electronic paint thickness gauge to access paint thickness.
  4. Tape car for paint correction
  5. Paint Correction  ( machine polishing to remove , scratches, swirl marks and other paint blemishes)!
    This restores gloss and clarity to the paint ( ready for coating , sealant or carnauba wax )
  6. All treatments are carried out to the interior .
    Leather clean and protect using specialised products!

Carpet, dashboard, air vents and all the nooks and crannies are dealt with the same care. With our prestige car detailing in Melbourne, you’re in the hands of the professionals. Get in touch with our prestige car dealers Melbourne today to discuss your available options.