Sports Car Detailing

To achieve our desired sports car detailing finish, our process is:

  1. Wash and decontaminate car , door jambs , wheels , engine , under the guards.
  2. Car is dried using an air blower which generates warm filtered air so no more scratches are introduced during the drying stage  !
  3. Measure paint film build with a electronic paint thickness gauge to access paint thickness.
  4. Tape car for paint correction
  5. Paint Correction  ( machine polishing to remove , scratches, swirl marks and other paint blemishes)!
    This restores gloss and clarity to the paint ( ready for coating , sealant or carnauba wax )
  6. All treatments are carried out to the interior .
    Leather clean and protect using specialized products!

Carpet, dashboard, air vents and all the nooks and crannies are dealt with the same care.